Baby Neck Float
Baby Neck Float
Baby Neck Float
Baby Neck Float
Baby Neck Float

Baby Neck Float

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Our new Baby Neck Float is designed for your baby to be active in water before he or she can walk or even crawl! Baby Neck Float is suitable for infants enjoying water time in bathtubs and baby-friendly public swimming pools. The ideal use for a pool or a home bathtub. 


Strengthens Body
As we know swimming is one of the most effective cardio workouts as well as a good refreshing therapy. On similar grounds, new born babies who visit regular infant neck float sessions reflect stronger bodies in terms of muscle growth and immune strength. The special design of the infant neck float allows the child to move around freely with their arms and legs free.


Relaxes Mind, Reduces Stress and Improves Sleep
An infant’s head is relatively larger in ratio with the body when compared to an adult. This makes floating with a support on their neck relaxing and ensures increased mobility. Most babies get acquainted with the floating during their first session itself, while a few babies take a while. One of the most prominent results of regular infant neck float sessions is reduced stress and improved longer periods of sleep.


Increases Functional Mobility
The regulated water temperature allows the child to relax and effortlessly move around in the water. With no support required from their arms and legs to move around, babies find these sessions very interesting. It increases the movement of their arms and legs which eventually result in increased functional mobility during everyday life.






Material: Green activists PVC

Colors: Pink, Blue, Orange, Green

Pneumatic internal diameter: 9cm/2.5inch
Pneumatic outer diameter: 39cm/15.3inch
Suitable ages: 3-20 months
Package Included: 1 x Baby Neck Float Ring

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